6 07 2015

Hey guys, it’s Yhunagurl, back after five years if I did my math right… or maybe more, since I remember going back on to announce my “comeback” and then disappearing back into the wild.

Anyways, I doubt anyone would ever read this—but, if you’re one of the returning visitors who still regularly checks this blog (which I doubt, since this blog has been inactive for so… long) then you’re in for some luck, because this blog finally has some new content (which is this post)! If you’re not one of the returning visitors, then uh, you could safely ignore this post I suppose since you most likely never had some sort of emotional attachment to this blog that’s been put together very crudely by a 10-or-so year old and reading this could feel very awkward for you.

I don’t think I have any real reasons on why I am writing a post on a blog that’s been up for years. I guess I decided to take a trip down the memory lane to relieve some parts of my childhood (and middle school shivers) out of nostalgia. Looking around, I sometimes wonder how this blog got so popular despite its unrefined look and poorly written posts by me (Felissia, Julianne, and others were more comprehensible). However, I could understand how and why its popularity skyrocketed. It’s just… something I wouldn’t expect, even while looking back at it.

After learning that Dizzywood and BABV shut down—quite possibly, forever—it made me realize how the mods (I am speaking on their behalf) and I have grown up. The majority of kids who had played these games were children our age, and most of them have all moved on with their lives. Haaahhh, I didn’t even realize how long it’s been. Undeniably, these games were something I’ve devoted my time and life to, and after hearing the news that these two games will be gone for good, it opened my eyes that things do come and go, and that this is one of those instances. I’m not particularly bitter or dejected about it, though. I quit long before I foresaw that they would eventually disappear, but hearing the news alleviated all my bittersweet memories of this charming blog and the times I’ve had with other people while playing those games.

Anyways, I’ve decided that writing this post would give this blog some sort of closure if it hasn’t already. I’ve decided to not delete this blog for memory’s sake, which was something I’ve decided a long time ago.. I had fun running this blog even if it was only for a short while, and I hope the mods and other people did, too. It’s been real guys, and this is probably the last post you would ever hear from me even if you weren’t really expecting that. I must admit that running this blog is probably one of the moments during my childhood that I truly cherish, and just being with you all was not a waste of my time. But, life goes on.

Yhuna, signing off.


Sorry guys

18 04 2014

Well, here I am again.

It’s funny how you can forget something that was a big part of your childhood, but forget it I did. I was in primary school when I joined this website. I must have been 9 or 10, and now I’m LEAVING school.

I hate to disappoint,  but I won’t be updating this any longer. I doubt Yhuna or Julianne will either, because it’s been a long time and we’ve all grown up.

After looking through the comments, I need to address a few things: we aren’t staff on any of the sites. This means we can’t give you codes for bears or store credits; if we did, we’d be paying for them ourselves. The codes we have up have not been reviewed for at least four years. This means that them WILL have all expired, or at least most of them.

It’s been real guys! This is Felissia signing off.


Cheat clear up.!

15 10 2011

Well , since Dizzywood is gone there is little point in this but my amazing hair and clothes cheat was removed due to a tell taleing cow in the comment section. So people moaning… Sorry.
I guess this is one of the very few posts you will get from me…
Sorry. Love you.
…Felissia xx

Ok, guys Part II

22 03 2011

Ok guys, I need you to do this for me. Go to this link: http://gosupermodel.com/io/hMMxk7FJV4mqV9 and register, then I need you to help me win the friend olympics.
I would really appreciate it if y’all would help me out ^_^

Ok guys :D

22 03 2011

Ok guys I need your help to win a competition, so you might receive an email from me that says something like this:
“Please register at this website and be active! Being active means posting in the forums, joining a competition, taking or making gotests, uploading images or designs, updating your Decor room, updating your profile or goblog. Here’s the link: http://gosupermodel.com/io/hMMxk7FJV4mqV9
Once you register, we’ll automatically be friends and you can participate in the friend Olympics! Doesn’t that sound fun? So go ahead and register ^_^”
If you receive something like that, please go to the link and register. I really need you guys to help me win this and it will definitely be appreciated!

Watch Out…

19 03 2011

Apparently you have to be careful on secret builders because people might do things you don’t expect.
SO watch out or something.
I’m sorta scared because I have no idea what my sister meant by that and I think I might get mind-raped by a princess.

Dizzywood is GONE?

19 03 2011

Well, my sister was moaning about Dizzywood being on maintenence and all that stuff, but when I went on to see if I could tell what was going on I realised Dizzywood is actually gone…
So, that’s sort of scary and upsetting. It’s like they stole my childhood and memories. I’m upset. Seriously.
So I went on secret builders and I’m making my avatar right now and it’s sort of scary because ALL OF THEY EYES ARE OBVIOUSLY CREATED BY PEOPLE UNER THE INFLUENCE OF CRACK.
I mean seriously? The take up half the face and they are flipping unnatural! Genuine druggie eyes!!
And the outfits are disgusting… either icky or princess…
Oh dear. This is tragic ):